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HeadCon project

01 Mar 2021
Project title
HEADCON: OMG solution for Industry 4.0 for monitoring and analyzing the production process

Innovative services in SMEs 2019 - Regional Council Resolution n. 1266 of 22 July 2019Por Fesr 2014-2020, Axis 1, Action 1.1.2

Contribution granted

Description of the project
The project was born in response to the new challenges of Industry 4.0, articulated in two activities: 
1) equipping OMG products with electronic boards capable of monitoring the operating conditions in real-time through appropriate sensors and sending them to the Cloud; 
2) analysis of data sent by devices for real-time monitoring of process progress and product status.

Real-time monitoring of the production process and product status and prevention of anomalies that could cause a line block.

The activities allow you to constantly monitor the state of wear of the OMG product in terms of predictive maintenance and to obtain efficient management of the maintenance plan. Furthermore, sending the operating data of the individual products will allow OMG to have greater and more efficient control, also allowing it to directly notify customers of the health status of their products.

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