Fixed multispindle heads


This section is dedicated to Fixed Centre Multispindle Heads and Special Fixed Mulrispindle Head Products and it includes four sections.

First three sections describe the Fixed Centre Multispindle Heads with our modular system born in the '80s when O.M.G. understood that Fixed Centre Multispindle Heads market would have grown and would have widely developed in the following years.

O.M.G. feels that the success of its Fixed Centre Multispindle Heads will be submitted to required precision in machining, higher cutting speed of tools together with quick delivery and protection of the investment made by the Customers.

O.M.G. has created a multispindle heads with modular system to protect the investment that Customers is evaluating. In fact, such series may be easily transformed in a different and new Fixed Centre Multispindle Head.

Fixed Centre Multispindle Head includes:
  • MT suitable for small centre distance, small drill and tap
  • TC suitable for medium centre distance, medium drill and tap
  • TC3 suitable for applications requiring high productivity and long-lasting life

And what about if O.M.G. engineering assumes that required machining cannot be executed with a Fixed Centre Multispindle Heads with their modular system?

Here we have TFS section dedicated to those Special Fixed Centre Multispindle Heads which are thought, designed and manufactured for a customized machining requirement.

MT-TC-TC3 Series

Fixed multispindle heads

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