Turret heads


The HT series of turret heads are inspired by the need to increase the flexibility of machine tools and they are able to perform drilling, tapping, boring and milling. They can be installed directly on the machine spindle or, with their own drive, mounted on slides with one or more movement axes.

They can be fitted with multispindle heads, angle heads and multipliers for greater tool velocity. All versions use a positioning system based on a Hirth crown gear, providing utmost precision, excellent strength in milling and finishing boring and outstanding repeatability

  • Turret made of steel and cast iron
  • Spindles mounted on precision bearings
  • Spindles with different tool connections (HSK, Komet, DIN55058, etc.) which can be interchanged on the same turret
  • Spindles directly engaged with p.t.o. to exploit power to the full
  • Hydraulic Hirth crown gear locking-release system
  • Single drive rotates both turret and spindles
  • Two-way turret rotation for quicker retrieval of the spindle needed for the next process
  • Separate coolant for each spindle
  • Coolant through the spindle centre
  • Lubrication with grease or oil-air mixture
  • Pressurised turret
  • Single connector for data exchange between turret and cnc.

HT Series

Turret heads

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