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O.M.G. experience

An entrepreneurial reality with a long tradition characterized by extensive experience, a strong inclination towards new technologies, and a constant pursuit of cutting-edge solutions: these are the strengths of O.M.G. Srl. Founded in the '60s as a small-scale workshop, the company has grown into a well-established industrial entity at both national and international levels. With a wide range of constantly expanding Angled Heads and a determination to tackle new challenges, O.M.G. Srl has broadened its production by introducing the innovative Facing Heads to the market. These increasingly revolutionary products offer advanced and tailor-made solutions, designed and manufactured leveraging the technological and cultural expertise accumulated by the company over the years..

Our History

The O.M.G. was born in the 1960s as a small workshop specialized in the design and manufacturing of multiple heads. Production was then directed towards three products: tapping chucks, multiple heads with universal joints and multiple heads with variable axes. Following the great evolution of the metalworking industry, the company grows even bigger, launching new products with cutting-edge purpose in this sector of research and production. Increasingly innovative products that offer increasingly advanced and customized ad hoc solutions, designed and built with the technological and cultural know-how accumulated by the company over the years.

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